Get LetterBox

It is easy to download LetterBox and try it for free. It is also very simple to purchase LetterBox if you like it!

When you download and install LetterBox you can use it with some minimal feature limitations. If you decide to purchase LetterBox you can easily purchase a license (for $19.95 USD) and fully enable the copy of LetterBox you already have already downloaded and installed.

1) Download and Install LetterBox

Visit the LetterBox download page and click on the "Install" button.

Follow the steps provided by your browser and LetterBox will automatically download and install on your machine.

If you receive warnings from your browser or Windows, here are some tips... Download and Installation tips

2) Try LetterBox

Run LetterBox from your start menu or page and start building your script.

Watch the Using LetterBox Tutorial to get a quick lesson on how to use LetterBox.

3) Purchase a License

Visit the LetterBox on-line store an purchase LetterBox for $19.95 USD.

4) Install the License

When you purchase LetterBox you will receive and email with your License#.

Launch LetterBox and from the menu bar select Help -> License then paste your license number into the provided field and click the "License" button.