LetterBox provides many powerful and useful features that help screenwriters work better and faster.

Build an outline and convert it to a script. LetterBox aloows writers to develop an outline to organize the script of scene structure using the Writer's Notes feature. Then the writer can fill out the script by adding Action and Dialogue elements. When printing a script the writer can choose to include or exclude Writer's Notes from the printed script.

Character and Location Lists. LetterBox keeps track of all of the characters and locations used throughout the script. The character list can supplement your final published script and can be found in a pull down menu so that you can avoid retyping previously introduced character's names. The location list allows scripts to be published in chronological form or by location and also makes pull down menus available to avoid retyping previously introduced locales.

Automatic Formatting. LetterBox automatically formats scripts to proper Screenplay format without requiring the writer to modify the content entered. This includes Standard capitalization, indentation, and spacing.

Completeness Check. LetterBox provides an automated review feature which identifies missing content and probable errors and organizes them for easy correction.

Common Questions

  • Will LetterBox work on my machine?

    LetterBox is a MS Windows application and works with most modern versions of MS Windows (it requires the .Net framework). But the easiest way to determine if LetterBox works on your machine is to download it and try it on your machine. Try LetterBox Now! Keep in mind that until you license your copy of LetterBox printing is modified to include special evaluation text.

  • Is there a Macintosh or Linux version of LetterBox?

    No, unfortunately LetterBox only runs on MS Windows. It may be possible to run LetterBox on other Operating Systems using Windows emulators, but we do not support it in that environment.

  • How much does LetterBox cost?

    LetterBox costs $19.95 USD. Download, Try and Buy LetterBox Now!

  • How much does LetterBox cost?

    LetterBox is backed by a money back guarantee. We offer this guarantee to insure that all of our customers are happy with their purchase. We are confident in the quality of our application. We also suggest that customers download and try out LetterBox to make sure the product suits them before they purchase. If you have a problem or are unhappy with LetterBox please e-mail us and we will work with you to make sure that you are satisfied.